Really Big Book Of Kids CDrom

Really Big Book Of Kids CDrom
This reproducible resource for children's pastors is packed with 156 sermons (one a week for three years) that are organized by topics such as friendship, prayer, salvation, God's love, forgiveness and many more. Each sermon includes an object talk using a household object, discussion questions, prayer and optional information for older children. The CD-ROM makes it easy for children's pastors to post these sermons on their church website, print them in their church newsletters and share them with parents who would like to use them at home with their kids. This is a must-have resource for children's pastors and anyone who wants to encourage children to read God's Word and apply it to their lives. 156 kids' sermons and object talks for grades one to six Object talks on a variety of topics plus discussion questions, prayers and optional information for older children Information for children's pastors and teachers on how to use the sermons and object talks
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