Seven Checkpoints Youth Ministry For Youth Leaders

Seven Checkpoints Youth Ministry For Youth Leaders
A New Strategy for Youth Ministry -Imagine meeting with the parents of your students and showing them the seven principles that serve as the foundation for all you will teach their kids. -Imagine having a content calendar that can be used to guide the development of your activity calendar throughout the year. -Imagine having a handful of carefully crafted principles to choose from in developing the theme of every camp or retreat. These are just a few of the advantages of adopting the seven-checkpoints strategy. But the greatest advantage is this: You will know that you are doing more than providing exciting activities-you are changing lives for eternity. Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall, both respected and effective leaders in the Christian community, have developed a ground-breaking, dynamic plan for the youth ministry of the coming decades. The Seven Checkpoints for Youth Leaders and the companion The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal present a plan for a student's entire career in a youth group. The challenges facing our youth grow every year. Quick fixes and short-term programs will not provide the life-strengthening results needed for the teens of today. This revolutionary approach promises and delivers what is needed in the world of youth ministries around the country today. Included in this book: Sample Lesson Plans and Lesson Menus for Middle and High School
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