Spiritual Warfare In A Believe

Spiritual Warfare In A Believe
Long before the megachurch, nearly 6,000 people crowded every service, to hear Charles Spurgeon. Discover why his masterful preaching astonished his era! During the remarkable thirty-eight-year ministry of Charles Spurgeon in the city of London in the 1800s, no building seemed big enough to house all those who wanted to hear him preach. Spurgeon was noted as a passionate Biblical expositor of the gospel who spoke the language of the common people and met them at the point of their deepest needs. Spurgeon was a seasoned veteran in meeting Satan at every corner and defeating Satan in the power of the gospel. But in keeping with his practical style, there was nothing abstract, ethereal, or mystical about Spurgeon's teaching. He directed his focus where he found Satan at work in the lives of people-enslaving them in sin, keeping them from the influence of the gospel, hindering their spiritual development, bringing discouragement, depression, and moral failure. Believers need not wonder about satanic principalities and power and how they are to engage them in battle. These life-changing messages of Spurgeon will meet you where you live and help you become more than a conqueror in spiritual warfare Contents: 1. Christ Triumphant 2. An Antidote To Satan's Devices 3. Christ The Conqueror Of Satan 4. Satan Considering The Saints 5. How To Use The Word Of God 6. Temptations On The Pinnacle 7. The Roaring Lion 8. Satanic Hindrances 9. The Christian's Helmet 10. Shoes For Pilgrims And Warriors 11. The Shield Of Faith 12. The Sword Of The Spirit
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