Torch Red: Color Me Torn True Colors V3

Torch Red: Color Me Torn True Colors V3
With the possible exception of Callie Price, Zoe Stepanovich feels like the only virgin on earth. The new girl in school, Shawna Frye (from Deep Green), has all these stories about sex, but they only make Zoe more confused. Am I ready for sex and everything that goes with it? When football star Jamie Allen asks her out and pressures her to sleep with him, Zoe can't help but wonder if now might be the right time. Meanwhile, Nate Stein, a guy Zoe has had something of a secret crush on since middle school, tries to persuade her to think twice before giving herself to Jamie. One night, Shawna hooks up with Jamie and her dark secret comes to light, changing everyone's attitude about sex--expecially Zoe's.
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