7Figure Drytop

7Figure Drytop
The Immersion Research 7Figure Dry top is IR�s burliest and most advanced dry top. The foundation of the 7Figure dry top is IR�s proprietary WhiteOut PU laminate. This waterproof, breathable and highly durable mid layer has withstood the tests of time and, with proper care, will last many paddling seasons. The outer shell of the 7Figure is made of polyester; giving the 7Figure its durability, another layer of waterproofing and great UV protection. If you�re consistently paddling in colder conditions and being wet just isn�t an option, then Immersion Research�s 7Figure is for you! SKU#: 12934
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Immersion Research -> 74002
SKU/UPC-> 12934
STATUS-> instock

Price: 388.95


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