9R Kayak- Pyranha

9R Kayak- Pyranha
Pre-Order your today- more in-stock late April.The Pyranha 9R is a race kayak with a modern design. This short kayak is fast, precise and forgiving. The 9R has a narrow entry, an asymmetrical plan for speed, a high bow, and tailored rocker to keep you on top of the water. Swede form hull assists with speed. High bow to lift over obstacles, punch holes and resurface quickly. Continuous rocker for speed. Wave Deflector directs most waves away from the kayak, generating dynamic lift, and stopping surface tension sucks the wave up onto the deck, so that it doesn't load the kayak with massive weight and slow the kayak down. Rounded edge bow for forgiveness helps keep you on line. Flatter bow profile directs water under hull for quick bursts to hull speed. Slight edge that starts center and runs to stern for control. Peaked bow deck and stern for shedding water. Clean release off stern with edge Low profile front cockpit and recessed rear cockpit to prevent water loading.Item number: 12911
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Pyranha
SKU/UPC-> 12911
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1248.95


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