Aire Bakraft

Aire Bakraft
The AIRE BakRaft is an ultralight, super durable and self-bailing pack raft with the qualities and performance of a whitewater kayak. The BakRaft is constructed of a Dyneema and Spectra outer shell that is tough, resistant to abrasion and very light weight. The self-bailing floor drains quickly while the stiff I-beam floor adds hull rigidity from bow to stern. The Dual-Membrane Design provides superior air retention and durability. The two layered design is less likely to puncture and makes backcountry repairs easier than a single wall pack raft design. AIRE uses the same valves on the BakRaft that you�d see on any of their full size rafts. Though there are lighter valves on the market, AIRE refuses to sacrifice durability and quality for slight reduction in weight. The inflation bag it comes with doubles as your seat and dry storage while on the water! If you�re looking for a pack raft that can run whitewater like a hard boat, can stand up to backcountry abuse and pack down and fit in your back pack, then look no further than the AIRE BakRaft. SKU#: 12956
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> -> 110-002100
SKU/UPC-> 12956
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1298.95