Anybody can Kayak - Advanced

Anybody can Kayak - Advanced
Anybody Can Kayak! Advanced Hole Tricks is hard core instruction for advanced paddlers. It breaks things down with enough details that you can fully understand and do the moves. Each chapter has three parts. It starts with an overview, which gives you a general idea as to how to do the move correctly. Next the move is broken down with graphics, slow motion, and enough details to make your head spin. At the end of each chapter the move is repeated again and again with music to drill it into your subconscious.Isn't it time you learned the moves? Anybody can Kayak Advanced Hole Tricks Topics include: Loops Cartwheels Splitwheels Space Godzillas, Orbits Phonix Monkeys McNnasty's Backloops
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Tim Parker -> JK-8111
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