Astro WidePoint Deluxe 8

Astro WidePoint Deluxe 8"2"
Pre-Order yours today! Available February 2015.The Starboard Astro Widepoint 8�2'' SUP Board is a great board for that traveling SUP surfer. The Astro Widepoint uses a 4'' drop stitch which makes the board super stiff and gives it great rail definition making it feel like a true composite board when you�re surfing. At 8�2'' the Astro Widepoint is very maneuverable for cutbacks in while surfing. SKU#: 11282
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Starboard -> 2009150601002
SKU/UPC-> 11282
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1398.95