AT Grom Paddle

AT Grom Paddle
The Grom from AT Paddles features smaller blades and a comfortable design for smaller paddler use. The Grom has a slight dihedral shape to the paddle blade, and with slightly smaller blades, this paddle will be a favorite among the little ones. It is small but does not sacrifice performance and will make paddling a blast.Adventure Technology Grom Paddle Specs: 27.0 oz Blade: 653 sq cm; Fiberglass 30-degree Shaft: Fiberglass; Small Diameter Paddler Height Under 4' 4'1" 4'4" 4'7" 5' Paddle Length 165 cm 170 cm 175 cm 180 cm 185 cm
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> AT Paddles
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Price: 92.95