Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks-PR

Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks-PR
The NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks Pair are ultra-light, incredibly strong and durable with a time tested design that can take abuse on river trips day after day, year after year. The drop-forge production process NRS uses creates a very high strength-to-weight ratio compared to cast or machine molded aluminum components. The Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks instill confidence in big water because it�s quite hard to �pop'' an oar through the tines. They feature a smooth finish to protect oar shafts, oar sleeves or rope wrap. SKU#: 10402
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Northwest RIver Supply -> 77433.01.100
SKU/UPC-> 10402
STATUS-> instock

Price: 74.95