Brewess Shoes Wmns

Brewess Shoes Wmns
The Astral Brewess is specifically designed for women and will be your favorite, go-to shoe for just about any activity; be it kayaking, SUPing, mountain biking, approaching a climb, or just kicking it at the bar. The upper is built to last and constructed of Cordura and AirMesh fabrics that are highly durable and make the shoe incredibly fast drying. Their Natural Balance midsole securely cradles your foot, providing stable navigation through unpredictable rocky terrain when portaging or scouting a rapid. Astral uses G Rubber on the sole of the Brewess for unrivaled traction on wet rocks. The Brewess perfectly blends technical performance and style to give boaters the ultimate river shoe. SKU#: 10647
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Astral-Designs
SKU/UPC-> 10647
STATUS-> instock

Price: 99.95