Cheetah Chair - AIRE

Cheetah Chair - AIRE
The Cheetah Inflatable Kayak Chair is the standard seat for all AIRE inflatables, but works great for a sit down option on any inflatable SUP board too. The Cheetah Chair has a stiff backpad for excellent back support. The stiff backpad also allows for more storage area or leg room between seats on the tandem kayaks. This chair can be used in either AIRE or NRS inflatable kayaks or any inflatable SUP board. Take it out of the boat for an excellent camp chair. *This seat can be attached to a SUP board using glue on D-Rings.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> AIRE -> 370-000150
SKU/UPC-> 12830
STATUS-> instock

Price: 58.95