Eco-Safe Spare Tank

Eco-Safe Spare Tank
The Eco-Safe Toilet Spare Tank allows you to double the uses you can get out of your Eco Safe Toilet on an extended trip. The crushproof plastic tank is good for 50 uses and is easily cleaned and reused. The rotomolded plastic tank is crush proof. It has rounded corners for easy cleaning. The tank inner dimensions are 11" x 16.5 x 7". It holds 5 gallons, good for approx. 50 uses and fits inside a 20mm Rocket Box, item #2729.2 (sold separately) 6" use opening, 3" clean out opening The tank meets all requirements of the BLM, NPS and USFS for a washable, reusable toilet. It empties easily at an RV dump or in a Scat Machine.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 73052.01.100
SKU/UPC-> 12342
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Price: 129.95