Eddy Standard Paddle

Eddy Standard Paddle
The AT Eddy Paddle is the mid-price range AT that can take a beating and still perform for you in all venues. It is the same shape as an AT 2 but does not have a foam core or carbon blades. Dynell-trimmed blade edges won't wear down from rocky shorelines, making it perfect for park & play, or great for those long slides on your favorite creek run. The blade is slightly buoyant to aide recovery in the hole, and make rolling and bracing easier. A streamlined powerface allows for smooth transitions and predictable feathering. Click here to read The CKS Product Review Blog for more information on this item
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> AT Paddles
SKU/UPC-> 12607
STATUS-> instock

Price: 334.95


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