EJs Basic River Running DVD

EJs Basic River Running DVD
EJ's Basic River Running will help you get out on the water with the basic skills necessary to be safe and have fun.Three time World Champion, Olympian, and founder of the World Kayak Federation, Eric Jackson, will teach you how to have a great time running rivers safely while lifetime kayaker and world squirt boat champion, Clay Wright, heads up the practical safety program of all time showing you just how to keep your self out of trouble. This is a comprehensive instructional program on equipment, logistics of river running, practical safety skills and knowledge, river reading and running skills ever assembled. They'll teach you the lingo of kayaking, all of the 5 major features you'll encounter, and how to easily recognize and use them on your way down the liquid conveyor belt called a river.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Jackson Kayak -> JK-8110
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