FCS Adjustable SUP Race Ankle Leash

FCS Adjustable SUP Race Ankle Leash
The FCS 12'6"-14' Adjustable SUP Ankle Leash was designed specifically for racing SUPs and can be used for other SUP surf and flat water applications. Part of the SUP leash is coiled and the rest is a straight leash. It is adjustable in length. The coil serves several purposes. Most importantly, it keeps the leash on top of your SUP at all times, which eliminates unacceptable drag during competition. This FCS SUP racing leash includes an extended overmold on the ankle attachment point that keeps the coil away from your feet and prevents tangling. As with all FCS surfing leashes, an engineered polyurethane cord provides the ultimate combination of strength, stretch, and elasticity. The adjustable rail saver adjusts from a length of 1.8' to 3.3', so it will work with almost any size or style paddle board.
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