Firepan Ground Cloth by FSP

Firepan Ground Cloth by FSP
The Fire Pan Ground Cloth protects the ground and helps you keep a clean camp. Prevent fires and having to crawl around in the morning and pick up all the fallen ashes. Great 'Leave No Trace' camping accessory. Meets permit requirements. Fireproof and durable, the Fire-Sil fabric will give you years of use. Approximately 5' x 6' (30 sq. ft.), the Ground Cloth gives great coverage for collecting the ashes and embers that can fall out of your firepan. While the Ground Cloth can take the heat of embers and burning wood that fall out of your Firepan, put these burning materials back in as soon as possible to prolong the Cloth's life. Be a good environmental citizen - use a Firepan and this Firepan Ground Cloth to help leave your campsite as clean as you found it. Be sure to have a minimum of 4 inches of space between the bottom of the firepan and your Ground Cloth. Many government agencies are now requiring the use of a ground cloth underneath the Firepan. Don't build fires directly on the Ground Cloth; prolonged exposure to this level of heat will shorten its life. In an emergency you can build a small, short duration fire on a mound of 3-4 inches of sand placed on top of the Cloth.
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