Full Paco Pad - Jacks Plastic

Full Paco Pad - Jacks Plastic
Jack's Plastic Full Paco Pad lets you bring the comfort of a soft bed with you anywhere, even into the middle of nowhere. Paco Pads are not just a sleeping pad, they can double as a durable padded seat on the raft or a mat for some riverside impromptu yoga! High density open cell foam covered in an 18 oz PVC fabric Self-inflating, all you have to do is Open the side air valve and unroll. Two roll up straps for easy stowing and secure grommets for attachment to the boat.Interested in other Paco sizes? Check out the Grande
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Jacks Plastic
SKU/UPC-> 12802
STATUS-> instock

Price: 190.95


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