Golden Retriever Spectra

Golden Retriever Spectra
The Salamander Golden Retriever throw bag is the benchmark for all other waist worn throw ropes. The combination of tow tether and throw line on a quick release belt prepares you for multiple rescue situations and because of its 8 ft. tow tether and QR belt, it can used in place of a rescue PFD. Many kayakers prefer wearable QR/throw rope combos, because it can easily flow from one use to the other unlike other specific use rescue gear. 52', 5/16" 2500 lb MFP Spectra Core throw line with an 8 foot tow tether (60' total) Throw bag sewn to Padded waist band 1.5" Webbing belt with quick release buckle rides comfortably below PFD Anodized aluminum carabiner with stainless steel wire gate (conceals in pocket) 500 Denier Cordura bag Padded Waist Band: 5" x 11" Bag: L10" x H4" x D3" (Stuffed)
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Salamander -> GRS
SKU/UPC-> 12696
STATUS-> instock

Price: 98.75