Hand Paddles Riveraholic

Hand Paddles Riveraholic
Riveraholic Hand Paddles can bring your kayaking to the next level or spice up your local runs. Keep hand paddles in the back of your boat in case someone breaks their paddle. Riveraholic paddles are different from any other hand paddles made. They have a curve that gives them lift on the thumb side of the paddle creating the proper sculling angle. This helps the paddle grab more water, and helps the paddle scull toward the surface when rolling and bracing. Riveraholic strapping can be loosened or tightened with the paddles on your hands for a perfect fit. Getting them off is easy too, and can be done by pushing against the strap adjuster, or in a emergency just hook them under your arm or on the cockpit rim and pull your hand out. The Large are best for: River Running, Creeking, Stronger Paddlers, Larger Paddlers, & New Paddlers. The Small are best for: Playboating, Squirt Boating
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