IR Zephyr Paddling Jacket Wmns

IR Zephyr Paddling Jacket Wmns
The Women's Zephyr Splash Jackets 2014 are IR�s version of an all-around paddling jacket. They�re light and breathable, with no inner tunnel and a simple drawstring waist, but they�re also fully seam sealed, made with IR's paddle-sport proven �WhiteOut'' waterproof/breathable fabric and have neoprene/velcro closures at the wrist and neck. These jackets are versatile enough to wear kayak fishing, out in the rapids, or during a hard SUP workout in chilly weather. Zephyr paddling jackets also feature a separate mesh inner liner which helps the jacket breathe and allows you to wear the jacket next-to skin without feeling clammy.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Immersion Research
SKU/UPC-> 12277 C14
STATUS-> instock

Price: 99.95