K Pump 20 HP

K Pump 20 HP
The K Pump 20HP is compact, durable, and high pressure capable - the perfect hand pump for inflatable SUP boards. One stage for volume with a second stage for high pressure allowing you to get maximum performance out of your inflatable. The K-Pump 20 HP is perfect for SUP boards and other smaller drop-stitch crafts that require high inflation pressure for best performance. The high-volume mode lets you quickly bring your board up to shape, easily reaching 6 psi. Then, with a simple twist of the wrist you switch to the high pressure mode, where you can achieve up to 25 psi. The K-20 HP weighs in at a mere 2 lbs. and is 21 inches long. There's an adapter for Leafield valves and a universal adapter that fits Halkey-Roberts and most other boat valves. Ergonomic design is comfortable to use, even with extended use. Efficiently operated by one person. No hoses to kink and pull out. Rugged construction is backed by an unlimited 2-year warranty. All K-Pumps float! A spare O-ring for each of the stages is included with the pump. NOTE This pump comes with a check valve which allows you to use it to inflate military valves and other valves that don't have a one-way plunger-type system. An Oregon family of whitewater boaters and fishermen designs these quality hand pumps. Assembled in a workshop facility for people with developmental disabilities.
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