Karma - Jackson Kayak

Karma - Jackson Kayak
The Jackson Karma is a smooth running creeking kayak. Its design starts with a hull that is flat and stable, providing a low draft to get over rocks easily, and be stable when on them, or on the water. The rocker profile on the Karma offers easy downstream paddling over waves and holes with little water on the deck, plus it adds speed as you move in and out of drops to carry you past the holes and over the rocks with ease. The sidewalls of the Karma are massive and provide huge secondary stability, plus they keep water off the deck making it less edgy. The parting line is as high as JK could make it, also giving a very forgiving shape for side currents and holes. The deck is shedding and stable for resurfacing, while the bow lifting shape keeps it rising up downstream. This boat will make the ultimate extreme racing creekboat due to the idealized shape of the rocker, hull, and dry bow. Uni-Shock Bulkhead Carry Strap on Bow Wall for either right or left hand carry. New ´┐ŻO'' Resin, high density plastic Grey Stainless Steel/injection plastic overmolded grab handles- 4 of them, plus security bar. Boat Armor Outfitting- (Seat/seat Brackets, welded floor support, Thermo Uchannel, 4pound density walls, Uni-shock Bulkhead, and Thermo seat) Nalgene Water BottleItem number: 10807
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Jackson Kayak
SKU/UPC-> 10807
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1199.00


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