Kayak 4 Kidz Part 2- Intro to WW

Kayak 4 Kidz Part 2- Intro to WW
Is your little one looking to start kayaking? Then get them Kayaking 4 Kidz- Intro to Whitewater. This fun instructional video was made especially for kids who are starting out in kayaking. Includes segments on how to low brace, high brace, ferries, peel outs, holes, river hazards, edge control, reading rivers, and the kayak roll. With easy to follow steps and descriptions that every kid can understand, techniques are demonstrated by kids for kids. Finally, a video that has all the information and terminology that you wouldn't necessarily remember to remind a kid, so that they can safely become a kayaker.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Shaman Products -> 1011
SKU/UPC-> 10980
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