Kayak Tow Line

Kayak Tow Line
The NRS Tow Line helps you be prepared for every rescue situation open water can throw at you. A tow system is great to have when boating with kids or inexperienced paddlers who may become fatigued during long paddles. Includes 50' of 3/16" floating polypropylene rope with a foam float and heavy-duty plastic clip for easy attachment. The rope is attached to the 24" bungee cord with a stainless metal ring to ease towing over high seas. The bungee is secured to the waist band with a stainless metal ring and heavy duty nylon webbing. A sturdy nylon belt with a quick release buckle is a must for any tow system. Not intended for use on whitewater rivers.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 50002.01.100
SKU/UPC-> 12404
STATUS-> instock

Price: 59.95


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