Large Flotation Pair

Large Flotation Pair
The NRS Split Kayak Flotation - Stern Pair fits in the back of your boat to stop your boat from filling with water in the event of a swim. The less water in your boat the easier it will be to get to shore. Don't lose your boat! These bags come with a lifetime warranty. The Stern Bag size fits in most Creek/River Running boats. The Infinity series bags are now using a 10-gauge Urethane fabric that won't leak or delaminate! Stern Dimensions inflated: 33.5"L x 13"W at top, 3"W at bottom. Lifetime warranty. Price includes two float bags To determine the correct size of float bag for your boat, measure the inside compartment and order a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to fill the space in your boat completely.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 50080.01.102
SKU/UPC-> 12442
STATUS-> instock

Price: 69.95