MaverIK I

MaverIK I
The NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak is made of super durable Hypalon to stand the rigors of the river, which makes it a hit with beginners and experts alike. This IK was built to withstand the stress of commercial use. Heavy-duty Pennel Orca material is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for unmatched durability. Shorter waterline and high rocker angles make this boat quick and responsive, while 11" tubes and a 36" width make it stable enough for beginners, as well as big water. Folds compactly when deflated for easy transport and storage. Self-bailing floor lets you leave that coffee can at home. The inflatable thwart seat is glued in for reliable, stable comfort. Trouble-free Leafield C7 Valves ensure easy inflation/deflation of the tubes, thwarts and floor, and the Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve protects the floor. 10-year retail warranty, 5-year commercial. Repair kit included.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 86015.01.100
SKU/UPC-> 12468
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Price: 1550.00