MCIT 116

MCIT 116"
The Badfish Multi-Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT) SUP Board is stable, has a low center of gravity for beginners, and it's inflatable, which makes it great on the river and for stowing in your vehicle. It's also the first of its kind, incorporating the convenience of an inflatable SUP board with the performance enhancing design features of hard boards. The MCIT sports tapered rails have a larger diameter in the mid section, tapering to smaller diameter in the nose and tail. This enables the boards to have greater stability and to be more responsive than other inflatables. SKU#: 10394
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Boardworks -> BF116MCIT
SKU/UPC-> 10394
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1498.95