Moment FullFace

Moment FullFace
The WRSI Moment is here! The Moment is the first all-out fullface creeking helmet from WRSI. The helmet features the construction which we all love from the Current with a permanent, very rigid facebar that will keep your smile looking good. Feel good about your gear, make your mom proud and protect your good looking smile. Features the same trusted safety technology as other WRSI helmets along with a face guard to protect your gorgeous grill. WRSI stands for Whitewater Research and Safety Institute, an organization founded to advance whitewater safety awareness and technology. The Moment is designed to fit a range of head sizes. It includes 9 pads of different thicknesses that you can easily mix and match for a custom fit. A multi-impact shell combines with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell to effectively dissipate impacts. Soft EVA foam pads line the sub-shell for extra protection and comfort. They attach with hook-and-loop patches. The Interconnect Retention System works as an adjustable harness to ensure a safe and secure fit. Warranty Recall "All WRSI Tridents and Moments for sale on CKS are 2013 models. These are the updated models are not affected by the buckle safety notice on the 2012 models. Only 2012 model Moments and Tridents are affected. Thank you WRSI and CKS Sales Team"
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> WRSI -> 43004.01
SKU/UPC-> 10014
STATUS-> instock

Price: 140.00