MVP 9 Inegra

MVP 9 Inegra
The Badfish Mountain Valley Paddleboard with Inegra (MVP) is the next level of whitewater stand up board. The MVP has a kayak style chine that is forgiving in eddy turns and ferries while the shedding, high volume nose punches holes like a kayak. The MVP excels at down river SUP and is very stable going through rapids, wavetrains and eddylines. These characteristics are blended into a board that will surf river waves like all Badfish boards, because if you are stand up paddling, you are eventually going to want to surf. It comes with the protective Sharkskin coating on the bottom and rails.SKU#: 10427
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Boardworks -> BF9076MVP
SKU/UPC-> 10427
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1598.95