Mystery Side Cut Liner

Mystery Side Cut Liner
The NRS Mystery Side Cut helmet liner prevents loss of your body heat through the top of your head on cold days or when you paddle in cold water. The Side Cut version does not cover the ears. Under a helmet, this liner will keep you warm and comfortable while allowing water to drain out of your helmet. This liner is also available in a Full Cut version that covers the ears. 1-mm of neoprene provides the core insulation for this helmet liner. The GlideSkin exterior sheds water to reduce evaporative cooling, increasing heat retention. Titanium laminate adhesive reflects and retains body heat for superior warmth. Lined with soft ThermalPlush fabric for all-day comfort.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 15029.01
SKU/UPC-> 12452
STATUS-> instock

Price: 24.95