NRS Hypalon Repair Kit

NRS Hypalon Repair Kit
The NRS Pennel Orca raft and inflatable kayak repair kit includes all the necessities for raft repair. Do not leave yourself stranded on the side of a river. This is the same kit that comes with a new NRS Hypalon raft or IK. Repair parts are fitted in a Witz Utility Locker I Dry Box, with gasket-lined, watertight lid. This kit is intended to give you the basics to make an emergency on-the-water repair. See the parts list for the included items. Other items, such as Toluene and Clifton Hypalon Accelerator (sold separately), are recommended for more complete, long lasting repair jobs. If you do not have an NRS boat, some of the items, such as the valve parts, may not work on your boat.
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BRAND-> NRS -> 37251.01.100
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