Pett Portable Environmental Toilet

Pett Portable Environmental Toilet
The Cleanwaste Portable Dry Toilet from Pett makes taking care of the necessities in wilderness areas easy. This compact, lightweight unit uses a patented biodegradable bag that can be dropped in any garbage can. Easy to use! No assembly is required, it sets up in seconds. When set up it's the same height and bowl size as your household toilet, then folds up to briefcase size, 19" x 14" x 5". Ultra-sanitary, it uses WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits that gel waste, neutralize odors (no perfumes) and start the decay process. These bags comply with federal standards for disposal in landfills and will degrade along with gel and waste in six to eight months. The biodegradable WAG BAG is approved for disposal in any receptacle that is going to a sanitary landfill. Great for boating, camping and as part of a home emergency kit.
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