Rapid Fire Spectra

Rapid Fire Spectra
The Salamander Rapid Fire Spectra detaches from the waist belt easily and quickly so you can have a rope on you at all times but avoid throwing an entire belt system. The throw rope portion re-attaches easily. Choose the Spectra Rapid Fire over the Polypropylene if you plan on using your rope for advanced rescue situations i.e. z drags. Detachable waist-belt system. Anodized aluminum carabiner with stainless steel wire gate. (conceals in pocket). Urethane coated 500D Cordura bag (tapered for easy repacking). Webbing bucket-style handle. Independent clip-in attachment. Color: Salamander Yellow 70' Spectra Rope Tensile Strength: 2500lbs
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Salamander -> 70' Spectra
SKU/UPC-> 12706
STATUS-> instock

Price: 111.95


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