Rascal IK

Rascal IK
The NRS Rascal Inflatable Kayak is a smaller IK that allows a smaller paddler to get out and safely enjoy the water. It's 17 pounds light, quick as a wink and downright fun to paddle. The kids in your life are gonna love it! A short waterline makes the self-bailing Rascal highly maneuverable, while the 31" width provides lots of stability. This is the perfect IK for kids, or for adults who want a fun, playful boat to paddle. Heavy-duty Pennel Orca material is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for unmatched durability. We use top-quality Leafield valves; C7 Fill Valves and an A7 Pressure Relief Valve to protect the floor. These are the best, most reliable valves available today. The inflatable thwart seat is glued in for dependable, stable comfort. This tough little Rascal carries a ten-year Retail, five-year Commercial Warranty against manufacturing and material defects.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 86030.01
SKU/UPC-> 12583
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1195.00


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