Recon Wave Sport

Recon Wave Sport
Wave Sport's all-new Recon is one of Wave Sport's safest creeking, river trekking and class IV-V+ boat. The Recon will enhance a paddler's confidence and skill sets, making it safer to push boundaries, yet still enjoy your current skill level. Recon is available in three sizes, 70, 83, and 93 gallons. The continuous rocker profile combined with the unique distribution of volume makes the Recon very fast and easy to boof. The unique volume in the bow and its pronounced, upswept shape make the Recon resurface and unload water quickly when blasting through holes, while the domed stern deck minimizes back-ending in holes and drops. The location of the full stern chine combined with the generous side wall flare provides superb secondary stability and substantial control when carving, moving across a current, or tracking.
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BRAND-> Wave Sport
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