Rocker FullFace Helmet

Rocker FullFace Helmet
Sweet's Rocker Fullface Helmet is designed to be the ultimate choice for safety and performance. It has the best coverage and protection out there and looks ultra-stylish. This helmet was made for creekers and full coverage protection! The Rocker Fullface is built on the Rocker Halfcut frame, but a low profile, composite jaw protector has been bolted on to protect your face and make your dentist smile. The jaw protector flexes under heavy loads to reduce the force applied to the neck. This will also allow your voice to be heard. Occigrip makes the Rocker easily adjustable and prevents the helmet from slipping back TLC- Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fiber. Elasticity meets rigidity and strength. EPP padding Colors: Bird Blue, Gloss White Sizes: L/XL, M/L (Sweet does not make this helmet in a S/M)
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Sweet
SKU/UPC-> 12626
STATUS-> instock

Price: 349.00