Salamander Revisor

Salamander Revisor
Salamander's Revisor is a low profile after market helmet visor system that easily attaches to almost any helmet you want. The Revisor attaches with a velcro strip with adhesive on the other side. Just peel off the covering and attach to the helmet of choice! The velcro stays put through anything you throw at it and the visor gives you great sun protection all day long! Keep the sun off your face with this popular visor system Closed cell foam sandwiched by tough 600-denier poly-cloth. Tenacious Velcro installation kit comes with each visor to attach it to your helmet. No tools or additional accessories required to install. Check out the Salamander Beak for a larger visor for more protection from the sun.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Salamander
SKU/UPC-> 10118
STATUS-> instock

Price: 16.50