Samurai Glass Ergo Paddle

Samurai Glass Ergo Paddle
The AT Samurai Glass Ergo Paddle features the smallest of Adventure Technologies Advanced Series blade and a lightweight carbon blend shaft which makes it ideal for playboating, or for those who prefer a slightly smaller blade for all-around river running. Fiberglass blades with reinforced tips for superior abrasion resistance are a lighter, stiffer and more durable alternative to injection molded nylon. Vibrant, electric blue blades deliver more visibility on the water, grabbing attention when you need it most. Designed for quick and responsive strokes, the Samurai will deliver the kind of agile performance play boaters and river-runners expect.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> AT Paddles
SKU/UPC-> 12046
STATUS-> instock

Price: 299.95