Sherpa Strt-Glass Paddle

Sherpa Strt-Glass Paddle
The Werner Sherpa Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle is a great mid-size all around paddle that excels at river running and creeking. The Sherpa's blades are mid size, but give you a little more low angle power than the Werner Player. The Straight Shaft cuts down on the weight and price of the paddle and gives it a more traditional feel. This paddle is great for people interested in river running or creekboating, but want to get out a rip it up at there local playspot too!Check out the Werner Sherpa Carbon paddle for a lighter, stiffer paddle.Werner Sherpa Straight Shaft Whitewater Paddle Features: Mid-sized blades, ideal for river running and moderate freestyle. Balanced blade design and stroke. Powerful and smooth from catch to release. Lightweight and responsive.Small shaft option is available, however it would be a special order and will delay shipment by 2-3 weeks.Healthy Waters Program: Werner Paddles is committed to organizations that promote access to river, lakes, stream and ocean paddling.When you purchase a Werner paddles, Werner will make a small donation in your name to a Werner non-profit partner.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Werner
SKU/UPC-> 12491
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Price: 249.95