Shop Inflater

Shop Inflater
The Shop Inflater is fitted with a standard 1/4" shop valve head (male end that will fit into a 1/4" compressor hose) which allows you to inflate your boat or board with a more efficient mechanical advantage system. Hook this device up to your compressor at your shop or at your home and inflate your boat or board in no time at all. You should always use a compressor that has a built in PSI regulator to avoid over inflation. Be sure to know the max PSI of your boat or board prior to setting up your compressor with the adapted valve. The attached flexi hose works as is on most valves. If you would like to lock in the adapter, you can add on a C7 or HR valve to the Traveler. CKS sells those separately. Note- Be aware that you can over-inflate your boat or board with this device. Always use a certified pressure gauge reader when you are filling your craft with air and check the PSI frequently.
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