Sidekick Bent Shaft Paddle

Sidekick Bent Shaft Paddle
The Werner Side Kick Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle has the largest blades of the player series and offers a great combination of power and responsiveness for a variety of play and creek boaters. The Sidekick now has a strong, full carbon shaft that offers a lighter swing weight for less fatigue. Check out the Werner Player for a Smaller blade design or the Werner Shogun if you are interested in Werner's Performance Core paddles. Premium Performance gives you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability. Full-sized down turned blade gives immediate directional control in rudder and draw strokes, ideal for larger, well-conditioned play paddlers. Optimized shaft flex and strength Dihedral allows for smooth forward and directional paddling Custom shaped, low profile, reinforcement spine allows for enhanced blade maneuverability when linking several strokes and provides blade stiffness and overall strength.Healthy WatersWhen you purchase a Werner Paddle you are helping to support our non-profit partners through Werner's Healthy Waters program. Our Healthy Waters partners do great work to help with access to paddling, water quality and educational initiatives that benefit us all.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Werner -> SK 1 F51
SKU/UPC-> 12504
STATUS-> instock

Price: 344.95