Sidekick Straight Shaft Paddle

Sidekick Straight Shaft Paddle
The Werner Side Kick Straight Shaft Paddle features Werner's largest and most powerful playboating blade design. The Sidekick's Down-tilt blades enter the water sooner for quicker power and won't get in your way for free-style moves. This paddle suits larger or well conditioned playboaters the best, but can be used as a large powerful river runner as well. The Straight Shaft gives the paddle a more traditional feel while cutting down on weight and money. Looking for a powerful paddle designed for creekboat and river running? Check out the Werner Powerhouse. Great choice for stronger paddlers. Down-tilt blades enter the water sooner with more initial power. Stiffness of carbon fiber enhances energy transferred during each stroke.Healthy WatersWhen you purchase a Werner Paddle you are helping to support our non-profit partners through Werner's Healthy Waters program. Our Healthy Waters partners do great work to help with access to paddling, water quality and educational initiatives that benefit us all.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Werner -> SK 1 F41
SKU/UPC-> 12511
STATUS-> instock

Price: 249.95