Silverback Paco Pad

Silverback Paco Pad
Jack's Plastic Silverback Paco Pad is the king of all Paco Pads, letting the pickiest sleepers bring the comfort of a soft bed anywhere, even into the middle of nowhere. Paco Pads are not just a sleeping pad, they can double as a durable padded seat on the raft or a mat for some riverside impromptu yoga! High density open cell foam covered in an 18 oz PVC fabric Self-inflating, all you have to do is Open the side air valve and unroll. Two roll up straps for easy stowing and secure grommets for attachment to the boat.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Jacks Plastic
SKU/UPC-> 12811
STATUS-> instock

Price: 329.95