Soul 1 pc SUP

Soul 1 pc SUP
The Werner Soul Stand Up Paddle Line features three different blade sizes to create a perfect paddling experience. The small-sized blade is perfect for the smaller paddler or those looking to be especially gentle to their body. The medium sized blade will fit most paddlers, giving you room to grow, but also giving you a bit of a workout at the same time. The full-sized blade gives the well-conditioned paddler a better workout on water. So pick your size and get on the water.It also offers a colorful choice for those looking for a light and buoyant paddle. This is a versatile use paddle that is at home surfing, charging downwind or touring. CKS ships these paddles UNCUT. Please call us with your preferred length, CKS will cut and glue for FREE. Fiberglass Shaft and ABS palm-grip Performance foam core and fiberglass blade Colorful choice in a light-weight and buoyant blade for effortless paddling. Progressive rectangular blade allows for an efficient forward stroke. ABS Palm-grip for a good fit and controlled strokes.SUP 1-Piece Benefits: Great choice for durability and value. The lightest weight option available. Swing weight is the weight you feel each time you lift your blade during a stroke. A light swing weight reduces fatigue and makes paddling more fun.Item #:12042 C14
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