Stohlquist Retraxt 12

Stohlquist Retraxt 12
Stohlquist's Re-traxt 12' is for rescue and equipment retrieval. The Re-traxt 12 has a similar design to the Re-traxt 4 only it has 8 feet of shock webbing instead of four. It also comes with an easy to use storage pouch that keeps the line tucked away until the moment of need. It also allows for easy towing and also stores away nice and tidy. 1/4"x 1-3/4" welded stainless steel "O" ring feeds into X-traxt" QR harness. Includes the paddle biner.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Stohlquist -> 637401
SKU/UPC-> 12708
STATUS-> instock

Price: 79.95