Stonyboater Ear Wax

Stonyboater Ear Wax
Stonyboater Ear Wax is a all natural bees wax ear plug to ensure you ears stay safe in any water application. Protecting your ears is very important and will make for a more comfortable water experience. Each package contains two discs. The discs can either be split in two which would provide two pairs or for those who prefer you can use one disc per ear. Also each package comes with a waterproof logo sticker in a recycled plastic bag. To Mold: Just like a sports mouthguard place the unit(s) in hot water to soften. Then simply mold into the ear cavity creating a perfect fit every time. If you are on the road the units can be softened by either warming them with your hand or leave them in the plastic bag and place them on your cars heating vents until softened. These are as custom a fit as you will find with any earplug. All Natural: 100% natural/organic materials. Plugs are 100% safe for environment. Plugs can be cleaned and reused.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Stoneyboater
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