Strutter Helmet

Strutter Helmet
The Strutter Helmet from Sweet is a great choice for river running and play boating. It has LFT shell technology (long fiber thermoplastic), which provides a safer platform by enhancing the elasticity and rigidity. LFT, accompanied by a carbon fiber frontal shell for temple protection, gives you the most safety you can get in a low volume helmet. The end result is a smooth, polished look for all day comfort and safety. Soft, comfortable fit pads wrapped in an anti allergenic, moisture wicking fabric LFT Technology improves impact performance EVA Shock absorbing liner Baseball cap style protects the face from impacts, water splashes and sun glare OCCIGRIP Carbon frontal protection Click here to read a complete CKS Product Review.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> Sweet
SKU/UPC-> 12616
STATUS-> instock

Price: 198.95