Super Lynx IK

Super Lynx IK
The Aire Super Lynx is a crossover inflatable kayak that's equally at home paddling in moderate whitewater or flat-water. Whether you are looking for Flat water or whitewater this is a great cross over kayak to add. Plenty of leg room for two but not too big for one person to paddle, great for overnight trips this kayak retains its maneuverability and speed. Featuring a V-shape hull and a removable aluminum skeg, feel free to tear it up on the river or track comfortably paddling along the shore. 2 carry handles 2 sets of drain holes 18 sets of cargo loops 2 Cheetah chairs 2 Seat Pockets Outer PVC Shell AIREcell System Welded Seams Continuous Curve Leafield B7 Valves
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
SKU/UPC-> 12855
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Price: 1648.95